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Life in a Box http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/492 2017
Vanitas in Drawings http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/436 2015
Huggermugger http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/489 2012
The Dealers Hand http:// http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/483 2012
She Draws Like an Angel http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/488 Ashley Crawford Australian ArtCollector 2010

Unnerved, Gallery of Modern Art, Curator, Maud Page 2010
                                                           Monkey See http://roomartspacenyc.com/view/474 
Lorene Taurerewa & A Sensible World, Owen Davidson June 2008
Catalogue, Journey of 1000 Miles, Sarjeant Gallery 2006
Spirit and Form, The Art of Lorene Taurerewa, Owen Davidson, Art New Zealand, pp 58-61, November 2005
All images © Lorene Taurerewa
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