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Represented by THIS IS NO FANTASY, Australia  http://thisisnofantasy.com/artists

Represented by Milford Galleries, New Zealand  http://www.milfordgalleries.co.nz



2000 MA Program, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

1996 BFA Painting, Quay School of the Arts, Wanganui, New Zealand



2014 Artist in Residence, Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center, Nepal

2014 Grant recipient, Asia New Zealand Foundation

2009 Grant recipient, Creative New Zealand Arts Council of New Zealand

2006 IASK Artist in Residency, The National Artist Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2006 Grant Recipient, Creative New Zealand,  Arts Council of New Zealand

2004 Grant Recipient, Creative New Zealand,  Arts Council of New Zealand



2014 Milford Galleries, Dunedin, New Paintings, New Zealand

2013 James Wallace Arts Trust, Prestidigitation, New Zealand

2013 Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Tafelspiele, New Zealand

2012 The Gallery at Gamine, Huggermugger, New York

2012 Thermostat Gallery, Lorene Taurerewa, New Zealand

2012 Waikato Museum, Intraspace Projects , New Zealand

2011 Helen Gory Galerie, The Company of Fools, Melbourne, Australia

2010 Suite Gallery, Lorene Taurerewa, Wellington, New Zealand

2010 Pataka Museum, Sleight of Hand, New Zealand

2010 Yardmeter Editions, Brooklyn, New York

2009 Chaffers Gallery, More Eccentrickery, Wellington, New Zealand

2009 Oedipus Rex Gallery, White Paintings, Auckland, New Zealand

2009 Drawing Center Viewing Program, New York

2008 A.I.C.H Gallery, Eccentriks, New York

2008 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Psychopompe, Auckland, New Zealand

2008 Chaffers Gallery, Sensible World, Wellington, New Zealand

2007 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Degrees of Separation, Auckland, New Zealand

2006 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Changdong Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2006 Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures, Lorene Taurerewa Drawing, New Zealand

2006 Sarjeant Gallery, Journey of 1000 Miles, Wanganui, New Zealand

2006 Fifty2gallery, Lorene Taurerewa, Here and Now, Wellington, New Zealand

2005 Lopdell House Gallery, Big Drawings, Auckland, New Zealand

2004 Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures, Inherited Bodies, Porirua, New Zealand

2002 Neut Gallery, Body Speak, Wellington, New Zealand


2014 The BRUCENNIAL, New York

2013 Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Parallel, New Zealand

2013 The Royal Albert Hall, The Vinyl Factory Collection, London

2013 Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Large Works 2, New Zealand

2013 Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, Collections Gallery Show, New Zealand

2013 Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Summer Show, New Zealand

2012 Helen Gory Galerie, Group Show, Melbourne, Australia

2012 La Trobe Regional Art Gallery, Legends: Obsessions with the incomprehensible and the uncanny

2012 Fountain Art Fair, New York at the 69th Regiment Armory, NY2012 Bruccenial, New York

2012 NORTHSIDE Art Exhibition, Many Conversations, Brooklyn, New York

2012 The  BRUCENNIAL, New York

2012 Schick Art Gallery, Contemplations and Conjectures, New York

2012 Waikato Museum, Intraspace Project, New Zealand

2012 FOUNTAIN ART FAIR, New York at the 69th Regiment Armory, New York


2012 Kentler International Drawing Space, Influential Women, Brooklyn, NY

2012 The Sugarbread House, THE END, Brooklyn, NY

2012 SmallWorks Gallery, Suit of Skin, Brisbane, Australia

2012 Smallworks Gallery, Visceral as Hell, Australia

2011 National Gallery of Victoria, Unnerved: The New Zealand Project, Melbourne, Australia

2011 Fountain Art Fair, Miami, USA

2011 MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia

2011 NORTHSIDE Exhibition, THE END ARTSPACE, Brooklyn, New York

2011 In Rivers Gallery, GIMME SOME TRUTH: a return to form, Brooklyn, New York

2011 The Invisible Dog Art Center, Group, Brooklyn, New York

2011 McLean Project for the Arts, Figuration Today: the Surrealist Influence, Washington DC,

2011 Tabla Rasa Gallery, Childish Things, New York

2011 Suite Gallery, Bi-Cultural, Wellington, New Zealand

2010 Gallery of Modern Art, Unnerved: The New Zealand Project, Brisbane, Australia

2009 Amelia Johnson Gallery, Chrysalid, Hong Kong

2009 Ann Street Gallery, INSIGHT: Contemporary Approaches to Drawing, New York

2009 Gallery Korea, Soul Ideologie, Park Ave, New York

2009 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Works on Paper, Auckland, New Zealand

2008 New Zealand Embassy, group show, Paris, France

2008 Sarjeant Gallery, Journey of 1000 Miles, New Zealand

2008 Pataka Museum, Samoa Contemporary, New Zealand

2008 Tauranga Public Art Gallery, Samoa Contemporary, New Zealand

2007 Asian Fusion Gallery, Essence of Asia: Eastern Influences in Western Art, New York

2006 Mark Hutchins Gallery, New Zealand

2006 Martin Hughes Architecture Gallery, Awards Show, Auckland, New Zealand

2005 Sydney Art Drawing Fair, Sydney, Australia

2004 Te Wa Gallery, Wahine Pasifika, Wanganui, New Zealand

2003 Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures, Dolly Mix (W)rappers, Porirua, New Zealand

2002 Te Wa Gallery, Summer Show, Wanganui, New Zealand

2002 ArtsStation, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

2001 Waikato Museum of Art and History, Dolly Mix (W)rappers, Hamilton, New Zealand

2001 XSpace Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2000 Sarjeant Gallery, Pacific Blue, Wanganui, New Zealand


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Lorene Taurerewa in New York, a short documentary for Kete Aronui Arts Program for KIWA FILMS, NZ

ABC Radio Australia, Interview with Lorene Taurerewa, The Pacific Wave in New York, May 2009

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